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About Momčilo

Momčilo Petrović is a composer, pianist and music producer based in Hamburg, Germany.

His music spreads across various genres, tipically suitable for film , TV and video games.

Momčilo Petrović


Originally coming from the world of classical music, raised with artistic rock 'n' roll, deeply in love with modern cinematic music and intrigued by touching folk melodies and some pop songs - the influences that contributed to shaping Momčilo's unique musical language are very diverse.

The detailed classical training has allowed him to feel absolutely confident with the most complex music structures, harmonies and sound possibilities from all the standard symphonic instruments. Also, some of the melodies and recognizable harmonic patterns from the composers of the late romantic era have left a significant mark on his musical taste. 

On the other side, his affection for breathtaking cinematic soundtracks that fit so organically into the modern film stories has motivated him to expand his craft and break into the world of modern, hybrid music, where the traditional orchestral music is enhanced by the modern effects and sound possibilities.


Since he decided to become a composer for film, TV and video games, the main priority in his work has become the deep understanding of every particular project and adjusting everything during the process to complement the final project.


The music has to serve the project in whole and give it an additional strength, as well as an unique, recognizable sound. Because of that, every step while working on projects is driven by the desire to develop a deep understanding of the director's ideas and the special requirements of the particular project, as well as the comprehensive understanding of the story and characters.


This detailed understanding is then the main source of the inspiration for creating a musical world that will fit the story organically and give it an unique and memorable sound.


Education / Background

Momčilo Petrović was born in 1993 in Belgrade, Serbia. After the complete formal training in classical piano performance in Belgrade, Serbia and in Ljubljana, Slovenia, his desire to create his own music has led him to complete a formal training as a composer as well, which he did at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Hamburg, Germany. During the composition studies, his creative desire met his love for film, so directly after the studies he decided to dive into the world of music for film, TV and video games.

Up until now he had composed complete soundtracks for several projects, from which the most important was the TV-film "Rekonstrukcija" (2021), which was co-produced by and broadcasted by Serbian national television.

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